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Goldstein: Chapter 7

Chapter Seven  “Hey, Peter Kowalski!” shouted a female voice from behind   Devin.  He ignored it.  “Peter Kowalski!  Hey you, Polish black dude!”  Devin suddenly recognized it remembering that Kowalski was an alias he had used earlier.  He turned to look for Ramielle, the Gaia-cab driver.  “Kowalski, over here!” came the voice again, this time to […]

Goldstein: Chapter 6

Chapter Six  “Is there anything else, Axel?” asked President Mellon as he swung his putter which tapped a golf ball emblazoned with the Presidential Seal sending it rolling across twelve feet of green, Oval Office carpet.  The ‘hole’ was a brandy snifter resting on its side.  The putt missed by more than a meter.  “There’s […]

Goldstein: Chapter 5

Chapter Five

Devin’s room at the Baldwin had one window overlooking the littered and filthy Mugabe Boulevard some sixty meters below. The window was propped open by a piece of wood and its sheer gray curtains fluttered in the cool morning breeze.

Devin had been lying motionless in his bed for several minutes blankly staring up at the ceiling fan. This was his first morning in Amerika and he was contemplating how he was going to conquer the land of opportunity.

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Free PDFs of ‘Goldstein’

I’ll gladly send the full PDF of ‘Goldstein’ OR ‘Indivisible’ to anyone who posts a link to either ‘Goldstein’ or ‘Indivisible’ on at least 2 forums. Just email me the links to where you posted with “Free PDF” in the subject and and which PDF you’d prefer and I will email you the full PDF. […]

Goldstein: Chapter 4

Chapter Four  “What the hell is your problem?”  Barked a gravelly female voice.  Devin looked down to find a bug-eyed, sixtyish woman glaring up at him.  “Are you some sort of moron?”  She asked.  When she spoke, her lip curled up revealing a set of yellowed dental implants.  Her scowl stretched an array of creases […]

Goldstein: Chapter 14

Goldstein: Chapter 14  “Good morning, Mr. Moore.”  Devin opened his eyes finding himself back in the bright, white-tiled infirmary.  The Director was sitting next to his bed clad in his black suit.  Devin discovered that his own arms and legs were unrestrained.   He might have reached out and grabbed the Director by the neck but […]

Goldstein: Chapter 3

Goldstein: Chapter Three  “Cheechako!  Cheechako!  Wake up!”  Devin’s eyelids peeled open just as a stick was being jabbed into his ribs.  “Cheechako!  Wake up!”  A blurry face appeared hovering over him.  Devin rubbed his eyes.  His back ached.  His left arm was numb.  His neck was stiff.  The hovering figure’s features came into focus.  It […]

Who is President Theodore “Teddy” Mellon?

President Mellon is one of the antagonists in ‘Goldstein’. Originally the Veep, the young Mellon ascends to the Presidency after President Forsythe’s suspicious death in a plane crash. He is an almagamation of several Presidents but specifically gleaned from the pompous grandiosity of the real “Teddy”, T.R., the vain, vapid elitism of Obama, the ruthless, […]

Goldstein: Chapter 2

Goldstein: Chapter Two  It was a perfect day for an execution, sunny and clear with a cool whisper of wind coming from the north.  An accused man, shackled in leg irons and handcuffs, stood before a council of twelve robed jurists.  He maintained a defiant  posture despite the burden of his chains and he wore […]

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